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    Consultations; research and assessment within schools and other educational settings; initial research on a small teacher education program

CEPress advances a pedagogical vision and
supports a community of practice rooted in the work
of Critical Exploration in the Classroom.

Critical Exploration in the Classroom

Critical Exploration in the Classroom supports teachers in developing rich, complex learning environments anchored by curricular materials that challenge learners to explore on their own terms and to construct increasingly sensitive understandings in collaboration with their peers. In the process, learners come to trust in their own increasingly cogent and informed reasoning rather than needing to defer to the authority of teachers and others.

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The CEPress team invites all like-minded souls and fellow travelers to join us in growing this fledgling venture and in imagining new possibilities for our work (and play) together. Annual membership dues and all proceeds from product sales support the forms of outreach described hereā€”as well as others we will envision together.

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