All programming went online in March 2020. CEPress organized 15 online community discussions or ‘V-Gatherings’ during the pandemic’s first three years. These gatherings began in April 2020 with a general discussion of two questions: 1) in what ways are you adapting your teaching to the current situation? and 2) in what ways might we recreate education in light of the current disruptions?

From there, the conversations developed in many rich directions. The video conferencing format allowed members of the critical exploration community who lived far from our organizational office in Cambridge, Massachusetts to participate regularly. We were therefore able to think through the implications of the strange times we were living through from many diverse geographic perspectives while also sharing our deep commitments to inspiring and attending to children’s deep thinking and learning through the practice we shared. Members can find transcripts of the V-Gatherings in the member portal under the heading ‘Conversations.’

In 2023, our focus has returned to collecting and organizing materials in our (long abandoned) office space and to gathering, as we are able, in person with different members of our community. In particular, CEPress members helped support and attended two extended weekend gatherings over the summer. Eleanor Duckworth and an ad hoc group of critical exploration community members organized these gatherings, one of which was as in person meeting at Lesley College and another that was conducted online. Discussion at both meetings centered primarily on how to advance most effectively the work of critical exploration in the world.