An archive of books, papers, and videos related to the development, enactment, and theorizing of CEC and related practices has been assembled at our Harvard Square office. We invite community members who may be interested in visiting to contact us.

Eleanor Duckworth

Many of Eleanor’s books and papers, a large collection of video records, and much of her students’ work has been relocated to the CEPress office. These materials are being organized and their titles and descriptors recorded on spreadsheets in order to facilitate their access and use and, in the case of student work, potential publication.

Elizabeth Cavicchi

Elizabeth Cavicchi teaches seminars that engage adult learners in observing and interacting with the world and responding to science, history, art and social justice through exploratory experiences inspired by critical exploration in the classroom. She presently teaches at MIT’s Edgerton Center, having previously taught at University of Massachusetts Boston, Harvard Graduate School of Education, University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Wentworth Institute of Technology. Parts of her teaching records and recordings, as well as books and papers, especially relating to science education, can be accessed by arrangement with CEPress.

Yan Yang

Yang’s library of printed and manuscript educational works is held at CEP.  Published materials include over 130 books on education, children’s learning, writings of Galileo, Dewey, Piaget, as well as printed articles from education course readers at Harvard Graduate School of Education.  The manuscript collection of Yang’s works includes about 200 items in English and Chinese.

Other Materials

The CEPress office also contains a library of books and other materials related to the work of Critical Exploration in the Classroom, particularly in the areas of progressive educational theory, Piagetian method and theory, and progressive curricular development. For example, CEPress is currently working to assemble full sets of the Elementary Science Study and the African Primary Science Project.