We’re glad to have you as a member of our community. As a member, you now have access to the wide variety of resources we provide. This includes curricular narratives, extended bibliographies, member profiles, and more.

Read through this guide to get familiarized with our website. Let’s get started!

The CEPress website is divided into two sections: the external and internal facing sides of the website. The external facing side is everything you can see and access without registering an account. This includes viewing our list of online resources, our events page, and our online shop. By registering an account, you gain access to the internal facing side of the website. The internal side includes everything within the member portal. The features within the member portal will be further explained in this guide.

To make full use of the website and member portal, we encourage every user to create their member profile. Your member profile is your social profile and page. This is the profile information which other members can view and is how you are seen by other members on the website. Note that this is different from your account, which contains your login information. This will be further explained later on in the guide.

Click the button below to create your member profile so you can join our directory to connect with the many educators and professionals worldwide who are engaged in CEC and related forms of practice.


We invite you to take a look at the member portal to view all of our member resources. In the member portal you can view and submit texts, documents, photos, videos, and more. Each material type is broken down into categories for easy browsing.

Members are welcomed to submit their own texts and photos through the Google Form links available. CEPress staff will review submissions and post relevant community submissions to the website for all members to access.

When viewing document tables, click on the title of the text (first column) to view the text in a new window. You can also search for specific texts or change the order of how the table displays data.

A new window will open with the displayed document.

Note that CEPress also has a physical archive of academic materials available for visitors at our Cambridge office. Please contact us for more information.


Community members have a few resources available to them from the member portal to view, edit, and manage their account and profile (remember, these are two separate things!) These resources can be accessed at the bottom half of the member portal page under the texts, photos, and videos.

Clicking on your member profile takes you to the page which you can view and edit your social profile which you set up at the beginning of this guide. This is the profile page which which other members can view your information and is how you are seen by other members on the website. Keep this in mind, as the photos and information you input here can be seen by other members.

Returning to the member portal page, if you click on my account dashboard you will be taken to the page which you can view and edit your account information for the CEPress website. Note that this is different information than your public social profile. The information available in the account dashboard is your private information regarding your own account on the CEPress website. This includes your password, address, billing information, and more. You can click on each icon to access different information regarding your account.

Members can view other members on the member profiles page.

Clicking on any member’s icon will bring you to their public page, in which their public information will be displayed.

That explains all the current features available on the internal facing side of the CEPress website. As our online community develops over time, our website will as well, with the possibility of new features in the future. Feel free to explore our available documents, texts, photos, and more!


There are a number of other resources available to visitors and members of the CEPress website. Visit our EVENTS page in the Community section to view upcoming events. Past events include our Spring 2019 conference.

You can visit our NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS page to view our blog posts and organization news. We will post announcements here, such as book publications and CEPress updates.

Finally, you can visit our SHOP page to view our materials available for sale.

CEPress’s physical archives are available to visitors at our office. Please view our archives page here for more information.

That’s it!

You’ve made it through the user guide for the CEPress website. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can access this guide anytime from the member portal page.